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Store Bought Orthotics Should Not Be Expensive!

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Store Bought Orthotics

I recently had a patient come into the office who had gone to a store in the greater Toledo area that was promised cure of their foot pain by treatment with their orthotics. The patient went on to buy three pairs orthotics from this company for $1600. One month later, the patient came into our office, complaining of continued pain in their feet, and that the orthotics made it worse.

Store-bought or off-the-shelf orthotics should not be an expensive purchase. These orthotics are not meant for everybody and every problem involving the feet.

Typical over-the-counter high quality orthotics range in price from $50-$100 in can be easily modified to suit whatever foot related ailment a patient may be coming in with.

Perrysburg Podiatrist, Orthotics
High Quality Orthotics, Over the Counter - Available at our Perrysburg Location

Please do not fall for the massively overpriced, store-bought orthotics that are highly marketed in our region.

If you have questions about insoles/store bought orthotics/over the counter/custom orthotics, please feel free to give us a call at our Perrysburg, Ohio Podiatry office.

Heel and Toe Podiatry

R. Scott Johnston DPM


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